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Getting There

The simplest method of travel to Normandy is by Brittany Ferries to Cherbourg from either Portsmouth or Poole:-

    • From Portsmouth the day crossings to Cherbourg by ferry take 4 hours and, from mid March until November, by Fastcraft 2 hours.
    • From Poole the Ferry takes 4 hours and, from the end of May until the beginning of October, the Fastcraft 2 hours.

Check-in time is a minimum of 45 minutes before the sailing time.

It is cheaper to buy tickets "online" but they can also be booked by telephone purchase .

Once in Cherbourg the shortest route to La Grange is exactly twenty miles from the ferry terminal along pleasant, easily driven roads. The roads are slow by UK standards - but not busy - and to enjoy the drive to the house you should allow forty minutes.

The Chez Nous Travel Service (telephone 0870 192 1038) is often cited as being the cheapest way to book the Portsmouth / Poole to Cherbourg routes with Brittany Ferries. For bookings during 2008 you will need to quote our advertisers reference " P14168 ". All cross Channel travel booked through Chez Nous includes free car breakdown insurance (maximum 32 days of stay). For details of the policy cover please refer to their "Getting to France" Travel Service booklet.

The cheapest cross channel ferry operator is probably SpeedFerries whose route is from Dover to Boulogne (50 minutes). Booked sufficiently in advance the cost can be as low as 50 Return for a car and up to five passengers. The distance from Boulogne to the house in Normandy is however some 270 miles. Expect to drive in France for at least five hours, although mainly along toll motorways and dual carriageways. Speedferries telephone number is 01304 203000 although bookings can be made using the website

Other routes are:-

    • Newhaven to Dieppe - Transmanche Ferries
    • Folkestone to Calais (Train) - Eurotunnel
    • Dover to Calais (Seacat) - Hoverspeed or (Ferry) P&O Ferries or SeaFrance
    • Dover to Dunkerque - Norfolk Lines

Membership of various organisations (the AA for example) will enable you obtain a discount on the full fare tariff charged by the ferry operators.

General details regarding times of sailings and availability can found by looking at any one of the many travel websites. Try any of the following:-

Motorist Check List:-

Tell your insurance company that you will be driving in France and ensure that your Policy Certificate clearly states - preferably in French as well as English - that " the insurance provided by this certificate meets the compulsory insurance requirements of France".
Consider European Breakdown Cover (which can be purchased relatively cheaply from the ferry operator at the time of booking your ticket).
Fit a GB plate to the rear of the car.
For night driving - obtain covers to mask dipped headlights.
Take with you (and have in the car with you at all times):-
    • Passport(s).
    • Driving Licence(s).
    • Vehicle Registration Document (V5) and a letter of authority from the owner if it is not your vehicle.
    • Insurance Certificate.
    • MOT Certificate (where appropriate).
    • Manufacturers Warranty / Guarantee documentation (if relevant).
    • Contact details for Breakdown Cover (if purchased).

It is also advisable to carry:-

    • First Aid Kit.
    • Set of bulbs for all external lights (one of each type).
    • Warning Triangle
    • Reflective Jacket

Speed Limits - Unless otherwise marked, speed limits are usually 50 kph (31 mph) in towns, 90 kph (55 mph) on main roads and 110 kph (68 mph) on dual carriageways. On motorways the speed limit will vary from 130kph to 110 kph depending on the weather conditions. Always be on the lookout for sudden reductions in speed limit as a long straight road enters a village. The French Police are a great deal less tolerant nowadays about "speeding Brits on holiday" although Normandy is still a very relaxed place to be driving.

Drinking & Driving - DON'T - random breath tests are frequent.

Road Signs - Should be instantly recognisable but a 'priority from the right' principle applies in many instances inside towns and on narrow country lanes.

General Location - Cotentin Peninsula, La Manche, Normandy, France
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